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Please be advised to the following,
1. These terms & conditions are subject to change without notice and @ the sole discretion of the Ace’s High Record Companies (LLC) team of partners and advisers. In any such event all subscribers, applicants, promoters and advertisers will automatically be subject to any new instructions and any new instructions posted will considered as a replacement and or attachment to these “Terms & Conditions” set forth by the above and to the following.
2. Association with the Ace’s High Record Publishing Company / Shizzmac.com segment does not put you under contract, employment, agreement nor affiliation with the Ace’s High Record Company (LLC), Ace’s High Record Publishing Company, promoters, advertisers or any other entity of subsequent nature. The “Terms & Conditions” posted for this site will not be considered a contract nor an agreement, but instead a set of “Instructions”. Shizzmac.com website is owned by the Ace’s High Record Company (LLC) and reserves the right @ anytime to change its website, webpage, links or format.
3. Ace’s High Record Company (LLC), promoters and advertisers will bare no responsibility for any fraud, copy-write or publishing infringement, nor will the above be responsible for payment of any kind that’s not directly under contract with the Ace’s High Record Company (LLC).
4. Shizzmac’s “Free MP3 download” album catalog “The Forecast, Multigrain, Shizzmac” complies with copy-write laws for which the year they were produced and today they are posted for the pure enjoyment of listening, networking and having fun. Any viewer, subscriber, applicant or advertiser submits material under false pretences or otherwise, the viewer, subscriber, applicant or advertiser shall bare all responsibility for any legal action set forth and will be immediately removed from the link or website without any possibility of return. Please note: Ace’s High Records Company (LLC), “Spread The Word”, Shizzmac.com and affiliated companies, person, promoter or advertiser shall be exempt without limitation from paying out any mechanical royalties or royalties of any kind to any party submitting material for general submission. In compliance with these Instructions / Terms & Conditions, any party, group, person, viewer, subscriber, applicant or advertiser has attested they have read, understood and willing to comply.
5. Ace’s High Record Company (LLC) reserves the right to review all photo’s and material submitted prior to posting on the website, no nude pictures nor porn will be accepted. Ace’s High Records reserves the right to reject any material that’s deemed improper and also reserves the right to terminate any participant, subscriber, viewer, promoter or advertiser that promotes anything outside of good ethics towards the Ace’s High Record Company and or any other entity, promoter, advertiser, person, group, or affiliated company. Advertisers please Note: Any advertisements posted by any advertiser or there after does not reflect the views of Aces High Record Company, Aces High Record Publishing Company (LLC) nor Shizzmac. Any photo, banner or material that’s rejected will be given a window to make the necessary corrections for re-submission at no additional cost, however Ace’s High Record Company does reserves the Right to deny any applicant, viewer, subscriber or advertiser at any time and at our sole discretion.
6. Ace’s High Record Company (LLC) / Shizzmac.com reserves the right to terminate any participant, viewer, subscriber, artist, advertiser or promoter for non-payment of any required fee. It is recommended but not required upon registration to purchase our budget plan, this will enable you to avoid any interruption of service or late fee’s, as well as any potential price increase in the future. If your renewal payment has not been received and or supersedes your renewal date, there will be a 10 day grace period to allow the subscriber to submit their renewal fee at no additional cost. In the event the subscribers catalog’s renewal fee supersedes the 10 day grace period all submissions will be terminated, and Ace’s High Record Company will assume the subscriber does not wish to renew its subscription and we wish the subscriber the best of luck. Once the subscriber has been taken off the webpage, the subscriber, applicant, promoter or advertiser will have to re-apply and resubmission is not guaranteed.
Please note: by participating you are attesting that you are of legal age, the artist, adult, legal representative or authorized party and will bare all responsibility for you and your party or parties you are attesting for. The submitting subscriber will also bare responsibility for photo’s and musical material as well as any submission submitted with a promise of good ethics. The subscriber / advertiser will attest that all information provided and thereafter is correct in its truest form. By moving forward the subscriber / advertiser and all parties involved fully understand that this is a networking link and accepts the terms set forth in these instruction presented by Ace’s High Record Company (LLC).
7. Ace’s High Record Company (LLC) and Shizzmac are here to assist in the networking process and encourages all to have fun. This website will be promoting and advertising in the Rap, Hardcore, Hip Hop and R&B industry. There is no age requirement for music to be posted on this site, however you’ll need to be 18 years of age [or] accompanied by a signed consent form from a parent, legal guardian or consenting adult.
8. Ace’s High Record Company urge’s all subscribers, writers, producers and advertisers to use one of the many copy-write avenues to protect their music or material. Contact the “Library of Congress” in Washington D.C. to retrieve free information pertaining to copy-write forms. Again, Ace’s High Record Company nor its affiliated companies will bare any responsibility for any fraud, copy-write infringement or illegal activity on any parties behalf.
9. All sales are final. Defective items may be returned for a replacement item of the same or equal value. We ask that you allow us 5 business days to process your order and approximately 7 to 10 business days for shipping and handling in the US. For orders shipped outside the U.S. different rates may apply. We urge all parties to provide a valid email address to PayPal for all downloadable transactions. We will not be responsible for downloadable purchases made without the proper email address. In the event a download is distorted by way of song, video, ringtone etc., the link should be saved and emailed to us and we will correct the matter and issue you a free download. The content on this site may not be suitable for anyone under 18, Parental Discretion Is Advised.

10. Donations: we are not a non-profit agency. We are a small company struggling to keep performing arts alive so we as artist appreciate any help you are offering to our company. Collectively we will be donating a portion of our proceeds to charity, like Avon breast cancer awarness, childrens hospital and so many more. . . .

11. Any artist having trouble getting beats / music for their material, let us help. Our team of producers can create excellent music tailored for you, or we can point you in the right direction to one of our many affiliated producers that may be in your area. Supplementary conditions and Instructions will apply and will be served as an attachment to these original set of Instructions / Terms & Condition set forth.

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