Who is Shizzmac?

Shizzmac is very talented and articulate. He is very forgiving and always ready to give. Shizzmac is also very organized and forthcoming. He is calm, very down to Earth and somehow remains humble.
“Who is Shizzmac?”, Shizzmac is the most loyal and kindest person you would want to know!
99.9 percent of the time, if Shizzmac says he is going to do something, then chances are good he will. Shizzmac is someone who has held his head high above all the gossip, lies and rumors. He has some way took his thoughts and transformed them into songs, companies and ideas that are alive.
Shizzmac is always willing to turn the other cheek. But he won’t kiss your ass and he won’t hesitate to turn up the heat. Again I ask, “Who is Shizzmac?”, you can spot Shizzmac just about anywhere in Boston, or the United States for that matter. A true dog; cross him and like a bloodhound he will hunt you down! A grown man, doing grown man shit; and that’s real talk.
Shizzmac is always thinking about his fans/friends! He’s always looking for their approval, so we encourage you to email him, or even write him a letter! You can also find shizzmac on myspace.com/therealshizzmac where shizzmac has thousands of friends. Shizzmac has spent a lot of his own money to get these projects up and running. We ask that you please support us by buying a song or two from this site. And if you already have, then we thank you!
This will keep Shizzmac in the recording studio. This will enable him to release full album after album. With your help we can have new songs posted monthly if not weekly. “Who is Shizzmac?” Shizzmac is someone that has a lot of love for you, so ultimately that’s who Shizzmac is!
Shizzmac would like to give praise to something higher than himself, praise to our First Father Almighty. Shizzmac would like to thank everybody that enters this site, everyone that buys his music. Thanks to Cyber sound Studio and 123triad for their help along the way. I’d like to thank any and everyone that’s showing support.
One-one, one love!

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